Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Champ Gets Into Political Ring

"Some candidates may be smart but have accomplished nothing. What the people need is not their intelligence but their service to the poor."

And how the hell will you do that in Congress, Pacman? Apparently, Pacman wants to have a vote in Congress. He wants to represent his people when there's a votation to be made. WTF?!?? He himself admitted that he knows absolutely NOTHING about making bills, laws etc., let alone passing them. On an interview Pacman said that there are a lot of good lawyers out there who can make these bills and he will be there to approve what suits his people. Wake up Manny. You're supposed to take a proactive role in Congress, create bills FOR YOUR PEOPLE and not just sit there waiting for whatever you think will suit them.

Congress is the supreme legislative body of the friggin nation. A congressman is a LEGISLATOR, and NOT just simply a voter.

Exerpts taken from The Job of a Congressman by Lee Hamilton

  • First, to be an effective legislator, a congressman must study and seek advice on a mind-boggling array of issues.

STUDY and SEEK ADVISE on Issues. Pacman, you have a responsibility to understand complicated issues and deal with them. You won't be handed a script, you have to think for yourself. Geez, good luck with that.

  • Second, a congressman is expected to be an advocate - for individuals, groups and communities in his/her district, from assisting someone with their social security disability claim to helping a community obtain funding for a new road or bridge.

Okay, fine.. Pacman can be an advocate for his people but I doubt he knows how this can be done. It isn't simply a matter of standing, talking, and voting. You have to lobby for your cause. You can't just box out people like you do in the ring.

  • Third, a congressman is also an educator and a communicator, translating the work of Congress and the complexities of modern issues to constituents, and listening to them.

Translating the work of Congress and educating your constituents on issues? You have to understand them first before you can do that.

  • Fourth, a congressman must perform the ceremonial function, serving the dual role of "ambassador" from the nation's capital and local dignitary.

We all know that Pacman has brought the nation closer with his International wins. Pacman gave the country pride and proved to everyone that Filipinos can win in the international boxing arena. Congress is a different matter altogether. In Congress, Pacman will be expected to be the legislative representative of the province of South Cotobato. Sure, we all tuned in during Pacman's fight and we cheered him on as he sent his opponents down to their knees. Being in Congress is NOT about fame, fortune, or about bringing out warm and fuzzy feelings. Pacman, PLEASE stick to what you do best, BEAT those international bastards and show them what a Filipino sportsman can do.

  • Finally, the most effective congressmen also act as consensus builders. Whether it is in congressional committees drafting legislation or in town meetings back home, the role of a Member of Congress is to provide political leadership to reconcile differing points of view and to bring about progress when the debate has gone on long enough.
You are to provide political leadership to bring about progess and NOT offer boxing skills that will bring out pride in Filipino sportsmanship.

It doesn't follow that since you made a lot of money and was able to give away jeeps, tricycles and what-have-you's last year that you can run for a position in Congress. All it means is that you have a big heart. I suggest you open up the Manny Pacquiao Foundation - sponsor athletes or open up a youth center. Pacman, you are in the wrong ring. Get out before you embarrass yourself and your people.


Jeriko said...

i second the motion haha

Banana said...

Lahat ng Pilipino ay may karapatang tumakbo sa anumang pwesto ang nanaisin niya, basta pasok siya sa edad at citizenship.

Walang batas ang nagbabawal na tumakbo ang isang uto-uto

Vote Pacman-Ang Pambansang Uto-uto

LoloyD said...

Suporteran ko si Pacman! Dahil ang kalaban ng bansa ay Kahirapan, Katangahan at Katiwalian. That's 3 Ks. E may record na si Pacman na na-knockout niya si 3K Battery Fahsan Thawachai in the 4th round noong 2004-12-11. Kaya't knockout din ang Kahirapan, Katangahan at Katiwalian kapag si Pacman ang nanalo! Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! (imagine an evil laugh)

In the past, bets were made to see if he can win in the ring. Now, bets are made to see if he can win a Congressional seat! Go-go-go Pac-you!